6th Anniversary!

Hello all ^_^

We are so happy to celebrate 6 years of cute handmade jewelry at Ku-ki Shop!
We are offering free shipping until July 15th ^_^ Thank you for being with us!

New Goodies!

There's 4 new goodies in the shop: 3 stud earrings and 1 necklace, all very sweet ^_^ I hope you like them!


Hello! How are you? ^_^
I have been very busy with orders and working on a new website layout! Yes! Ku-kiShop will have a new website soon, how exciting! It is taking longer than I expected but I hope it goes live in the next month or so, keep an eye out for that!
In the mean time I haven't been able to update the shop as often as I would like, so my apologies ;_; While I am working on so many new exciting things I am offering FREE SHIPPING on my etsy store with the code HAPPYSRPING at checkout ^_^

Here's some photos of the last days of work, I hope you enjoy taking a peek!
Wishing you a happy weekend!

QuillandFox Art

Hello all, hope you're well :)

Today I want to share an amazing artist that I recently found on etsy:


They have super adorable characters and whimsical illustrations that are worth checking!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
have a great week ^_^ 

free gift with purchase!

Enjoy ^_^ at Ku-ki Shop!

Sneak Peek!

A sneak peek of something new! I have been working on several new goodies that I'm excited to add to the shop - still need to photograph, code, etc ^_^ At the same time I'm working on something even more exciting - be prepared for a little visual change on the shop, I want to surprise you! :D
Hope I can have everything ready this month so I can finally show you!
have a nice day***

Pea Studs!

Hello! ^.^
I have a new pair of studs at ku-ki shop: PEA studs! Aren't they cute? I actually kept a pair for myself  - they're so understated but at the same time they're a pop of color and when people come close they'll see the tiny little happy faces! *.* Hope you like them! Have a great weekend!

Share the love: TheGinghamOwl photography


Today i want to share with you an amazing photographer that i found on etsy, the TheGinghamOwl
Her work is so whimsical, cute and soft...i feel like living inside her images! :) You *need* to check her shop and her facebook too! Too adorable ^.^ Have a great week start!

New goodies: happy rainy days!

Hello! Hope you had an amazing weekend!
I wanted to share 3 new items to the shop: Cloud studs, Star drops studs and Star rain necklace, all inspired by these last days of Winter :) I hope they bring some joy!
Have a great week!

10% off at Etsy!

Hello! Hope you're well ^_^

I just wanted to let you know that we have a 10% off coupon for our etsy shop. The coupon is VALENTINES and you can use it at kukishop.etsy.com

Polymer clay hurts!

Hi everyone, hope you're well!
Time for a little update!
 Here's some images from some WIP...unfortunately i'll have to slow down a little bit since i'm having a hand inflammation, my right hand fingers are swollen and hurting a bit. i have been working a lot lately and during these cold days the polymer clay gets really hard to manage :( I'm a little bit frustrated because i have people waiting for their orders but i need to preserve my "working tools" (aka my hands). I hope to get better tomorrow and keep up the work!
Hope you have a great day!

Custom made figurines

Some of my recent custom made works :) They are made according to photos!
They are so much fun to create and i love to get feedback from people - i think it makes such a special gift! Hope you like them too ^_^

Share the love: Pastel Fables Photography

Hello, hope you're well :)

Today i wanted to share a recent find in photography, pastel fables by Jessica Turnbow! Such an amazing work! Whimsical, unusual, cute....you have to check her etsy store ^_^
Happy Friday! <3