Polymer clay hurts!

Hi everyone, hope you're well!
Time for a little update!
 Here's some images from some WIP...unfortunately i'll have to slow down a little bit since i'm having a hand inflammation, my right hand fingers are swollen and hurting a bit. i have been working a lot lately and during these cold days the polymer clay gets really hard to manage :( I'm a little bit frustrated because i have people waiting for their orders but i need to preserve my "working tools" (aka my hands). I hope to get better tomorrow and keep up the work!
Hope you have a great day!

Custom made figurines

Some of my recent custom made works :) They are made according to photos!
They are so much fun to create and i love to get feedback from people - i think it makes such a special gift! Hope you like them too ^_^

Share the love: Pastel Fables Photography

Hello, hope you're well :)

Today i wanted to share a recent find in photography, pastel fables by Jessica Turnbow! Such an amazing work! Whimsical, unusual, cute....you have to check her etsy store ^_^
Happy Friday! <3


Hello all, hope you're ok!
Today i just wanted to share with you some of the new images of my macaron earrings!
You can find them at ku-ki shop ^_^
Have a happy Sunday!

Alternative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Here's an etsy treasury featuring different gift ideas for valentine's Day (or any day actuallt). I love that it has quite an "alternative" feeling to the usual V-Day theme haha My broken heart necklace is the red splash of color! You can see the treasury by clicking here

New unique box

A new little handmade box with miniature gingerbread man :)
Available at etsy! Hope you like it!

Shop Update!

We have updated the shop with 4 new goodies that you might have already seen on the etsy shop ^_^ hope you like them! Happy weekend <3

Lovely Pepa

Hi all, how are you?
Ready for the weekend?

Today i just wanted to share with you a blog post of Lovely Pepa (by Alexandra), where she features two handmade rings by kukishop, of her and her cute dog Pepa! ^_^  how cute! (and she has a great fashion blog too!) Go check it out here.

Photo by Lovely Pepa

A little etsy love giveaway winner!

Hello all!
I hope you had a great week start!
Here's a quick note to let you know the giveaway winner is Ruby, congrats!

We'll have more giveaways in the future ^_^

Tofu Cute: Japanese Snacks and Sweets

Since i discovered Tofu Cute a while ago i can't avoid visiting the website regularly just to look (and drool) at the japanese snacks and candy section. Everything looks so yummy and pretty! They ship them worldwide, take a look! ^_^