An Autumn Walk

Hi everyone!
I hope you're having a nice weekend so far! Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway so far! ^_^

I thought about adding more personal posts to my blog along with the shop related and cute finds!

So, the other day I spent some days on a little village Sintra, in my country (Portugal).
I have some photos of this magical place that I always enjoy visiting! The village is nested on a beautiful forest, that now starts to get the fall colors - so pretty! I even took some picture of jewelry I create with my mother (I don't know if you knew that! we have a small shop at etsy too).
I hope you like the pictures :) Happy weekend!

The village palace

The village on a rainny day.

Beautiful woods surrounding the village, they're so pretty!
Click below to see more photos...
The pic above is from the main palace, on top of a hill. This view is from it's huge gardens!

 Another view from the village palace, the two towers are giant chimneys!

Beautiful fountains and water falls all over the woods and gardens, so relaxing to take a walk and hear the sound of water running among the trees...
These are beautiful lakes inside the main palace's huge gardens

The building above is the palace of a countess, inside the bigger palace's gardens.
I found the perfect set to take some jewelry photos for Les Petites Choses

 Another view from the biggest palace in Sintra, on top of a hill. It was used by Portuguese royalty as a summer house. It's a mix of different architectural styles. I've been there before but not this time..

 More images of the Countess' house!

 I loved this window, so romantic and dreamy...

Hope you like the images 

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  1. Wow! Lovely, i would love to visit that village my next holiday.Have a nice weekend!

  2. M'leikie Thank you! it's indeed a lovely and magical place that I always enjoy visiting when i can! If you ever have the opportunity to visit Portugal, go there!


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