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  1. Enter me! i love ku ki shop jewerly its so kawaii and well made!
    my google acount name is: EmiliA and my email to sent if i won:

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  3. Hi! Please enter me *___* My next holiday will be in Paris (this december *___*)

    I'm your Fb follower as Anita Consoli (my Fb's profile)
    here https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1602006263

    Anita Consoli
    e-mail: any.princess91@hotmail.it

  4. Kawaii!! ♥ the necklace! I'm a follower at the blog and twitter!
    Good luck all!!


  5. Hello! I'm a follower (or subscriber) to YouTube!! Your creations are amazing!! For Christmas, I'm hoping to buy one of your jewelry to my little sister. Maybe for my birthday, in December also, I can get one of your bracelets. ^__~ I also love the way you designed your blog!
    My user: KraftsandColors- on YT

  6. Hey Ku-ki shop! Holiday Related huh??? Looking forward to all the outdoor Christmas Fairs in London, Pantomime in Kent for my bday and annual Christmas celebrations with family and hoping for a snowy Christmas Day too =p!

    Happy Holidays everyone ^__^! xxx

    Name: Hanh and facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/Hanhiii.L

  7. I am subscribed to your channel on YouTube. My birthday is in December as well on the 24th! I was just 10 minutes away from being born on the 25th though! I love bears especially Rilakkuma! This would be a great christmas present or a birthday present for me.:)

  8. enter me please. :)

    i'm one of your follower at youtube, facebook and blogspot.

    but this is my username for my blog:
    annika(hanieqha@yahoo.com). hehe..

    this holiday, i will spend it by taking more photos everywhere i go..
    will be fun!! :D


  9. Enter me please!

    I am a follower on You Tube and Facebook.

    My username is WendyfaeArt ( http://www.youtube.com/user/WendyfaeArt )

    My email is wendyfae7@AOL.com

    * Im going to be home for Thanksgiving with my family eating lol. and doing homework... but it is fun homework, im painting a chidrens book on photoshop. My profile pic is part of it *sneek peak* *


  10. I'm excited for the Hmong New Year Festival! Every year in December, people from all around the world come to meet, greet, enjoy the food, music and culture activity. I can't wait to go. I go every year and it's so much fun! Thank you for this awesome giveaway. You have a very Kawaii blog! I follow you.. Please do check out my blog if you like.

    GFC / Blog: Kawaii Barbie http://kawaiibarbie.blogspot.com/

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kawaii-Barbie/150981958302567


  11. Oh my god. Enter me. :D <3

    I am follower of Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

    My username is BlissInChaos.
    My email is DeadRoseMurder@yahoo.com

    Thank you so much for doing this and the necklace is so cute! Happy Turkey day. :3

  12. Love The Bear with whipped cream filing!
    I wish I can that xD
    And also it will be a perfect gift for christmas! because it is sooo adorably cute lol! :D

    I follow all! :)

    Twitter :https://twitter.com/#!/MissMeSharie

    Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/Sharievincent?ref=tn_tnmn

    And my email : lovable_persha@yahoo.com

  13. Awesome enter me and have a great holiday!!!! My youtube username is liltaester

  14. Hii!!

    I follow you on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LiveJournal! :D

    My Twitter username is: contradictz


  15. Hi, I'm Anna and I've admired your jewlerly for a few a years now:) It's super cute and it would make my holiday to win this givaway.


    Youtube username:

    Thanks, I hope I win:)

  16. Hello,
    you always make wonders,i adore everything,haha!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so so much for the giveaway:O)))))))
    Take good care:D
    Tons of LOVE

  17. It took me so long to figure out how to comment..! ToT *not a Blogger user... yet*

    This pendant makes me think of the cute vintage Christmas decorations that my parents have collected over the years! Things like wooden teddies riding little metal sledges. #^___^#

    I watch you on
    Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/Statuess)
    Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/statuess)
    LiveJournal :P (http://statuess.livejournal.com/)
    and I watch this blog on my Google Reader. :3

    Good luck, everyone~!

  18. I love the things you make! They're all so cute and I just want to nom them! This bear pendant is just way too cute for words~ I would totally make an actual dessert out of this with candy canes for Christmas xD

    Definitely count me in for this contest =)


    ~ Kieli ~

  19. polka_dots3:27 da manhã

    I just stumbled onto your shop a couple of weeks ago and I love it. The stuff you make are so adorable!

    Happy Holidays! ^^


  20. heyy!! it took me forever tot figure out where to comment because i dont read/speak french hahaha, anywaysss~ i LOVEE your work! its absolutely adorable! i would KILL for your necklace, its like heaven around your neck hahaha
    i hope your holidays are filled with joy, love and happiness!
    ~and im a follower on your blog
    facebook http://www.facebook.com/JoeyyyNgooi
    and youtube subbed :D

    thanks for hosting this contest and giving one of us a chance to have your amazing creation!

  21. I would like to enter please ^_^ <3
    Your shop is amazingly cute, I love everything in it! I am thinking of buying some of your jewelry for the holidays, because I'm sure that anyone would be delighted to receive something from Ku-Ki Shop as a gift.

    I subscribe to you on YouTube, my channel if you need to check: http://www.youtube.com/user/MissKinomi?feature=mhee

  22. Hello there! :)

    Nothing much to say, but the necklace is superb!
    It will looks good to be wear on holidays :D

    love it!


  23. Happy Thanksgiving! Don't eat too much. :-)))

    I follow on Facebook (as Irit C.).
    I follow on Twitter as @maliciouscandy.
    And I follow your blog as Irit.

    E-mail: iritca AT gmail com

  24. So cute..^_^
    thankful for u.. made n create many cute things
    my youtub channel: michakeyable
    my fb: micha keys onshine
    wish me luck

  25. I'm looking forward to enjoying holidays!! But I prefer that super cute necklace than holidays *_* haha! Have a nice holiday and good luck to everybody!

  26. I just made some sweets out of air dry clay!!! Your creations are awesome and I wish I could see everything you made in person~

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kim.pham3

  27. Hii Cutie , This Bear Thingy Rocks
    Its So So So Cutee !!!
    I Want One Now Lol

    Ive Followed Ya ON Youtube N Fb , My Youtube Name Is ''FashionDrizzles''

    I Rlly Hope I Somehow WIN This
    Wish Me Luck , Luv Ur Charms Xoxo !! U Rock

  28. I tried to comment once but it seems it did not work
    so I was saying that if I won this lovely bear I will wear it till my daughter can wear it :)
    it's so beautiful as always!

    I follow you on facebook

    I want to win! I want to win! :o)

  29. I follow you on YouTube - I'm saramwrap!

    You can email me at saramwrap AT livejournal DOT com :)

  30. Hi! I love your work! I would love to win that cute necklace!
    I'm an fan on facebook and youtube, my youtube is @Hytare :

  31. hello^^ please enter me :)

    I just love this adorable little bear necklace he's so cute^^ Thank you so much for having a give away for this :) I just adore all of your items that you make and I would be so happy if I were to win one ^^ but even if I dont win, I will defiantly purchase from this site in the near future :D And from seeing such cute jewellery I've been inspired to attempt make my own over the summer ^^

    Catherine <3

    (follower of blog and on your youtube channel- my username: riley4everxxx


  32. Ahhh that is so cute! Thank you for this giveaway opportunity!
    I follow you here and on Facebook ^_^

    Florrie x

  33. This is the cutest giveaway EVER!!!!!!!!!! My holidays will be with my new little baby :-) hehe!

    I follow you on facebook and my name there is Pink Clouds.

  34. Howdy! https://www.facebook.com/luisa.palminha

    Figas para mim!

  35. Aww, this necklace is just too cute...I'd love to wear it <3 I'm your follower on youtube (username IjulesI) and this ist my Youtube-page: http://www.youtube.com/user/IJulesI?feature=mhee
    Greetings from Germany <3

  36. enter me!
    i follow you on youtube :)
    my channel link is:

  37. It took me quite a while to figure out how to comment, too...For those of you who don't know, go to the homepage and scroll until you find the giveaway post. At the end of the post should be the date posted and the # comments. Click the # comments and a pop-up should appear. :)
    Anyway, that necklace is SUPER ADORABLE. You make the cutest things ever.
    I follow you on Youtube. My username is SunODae. http://www.youtube.com/user/SunODae
    Happy holidays to you, too!

  38. i'm a follower on youtube :)

    i hope one of this subscribers win this cute miniature ^-^

  39. enter me please.
    i am follower on youtube...mt username is porschepeckita ( email porsche_peckita@hotmail.com )

    i really love your creations..and thank you for having this giveaway..

  40. enter me please...I'm a facebook follower, this is my page...
    thank you!!!!

  41. I love all the cute things!!! Glad the website is up and working :) please enter me! I am on FB as well, and a fan of the ku-ki page! :) http://www.facebook.com/aimee.the.great/posts/210747112334095?ref=notif&notif_t=like#!/aimee.the.great

  42. Hello! I love your stuff, it's super cute :)I wish to enter the giveaway!
    Unfortunately my holidays this year might be boring, as I'm staying basically at home, here in Portugal, just chilling out :P I usually go someplace else with my parents (we went to S. Tomé & Príncipe last year) but this year they don't have any plans so we're not going anywhere.

    I'm a follower on blogger - Hanabira Keiko
    and on youtube - HanabiraKeiko

  43. OMG that's a fucking cute bear~~! O~~O
    I've always loed bears they're my fave plushies. OMGOMGOGMOGMOG lol so cute!

    Congratz to the one that wins! :3

    email: snailshit@ymail.com

    // Snailshit

  44. OH he is terribly cute!
    Happy Holidays!

    I'm a youtube follower :)

  45. Aww, you have really REALLY cute jewelry :]
    Well, I'm looking forward to the holidays. I'll be going home for the holidays and spending it with my family. EXCITED!

    I'll be following on youtube and mine is:

  46. This necklace and everything else in your shop is extremely adorable! I hope I win! Happy Holidays! (:


  47. happy holidays everyone
    the bear is so adorable as is everything else on this website! i wish i had just like bunches of money so i could buy everything.

    youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZfTblue?feature=mhee
    facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?cropsuccess&id=1611707633
    gmail address: zoe.trible@gmail.com

  48. As it's the season of gift, it'll be a good gift ^o^
    I'm a follower on twitter ( @Dix_VIII )

  49. Oh mon dieu!!!
    This necklace is awesome.

    And oh, I ♥ Christmas.


  50. Hello!I love kuki shop!The staff is amazing<3 i hope to win!Good luck to everyone! my username on youtube:sirenia192
    my email:diva_1444@hotmail.com
    my facebook account:http://www.facebook.com/Sirenia192

  51. Sooo cute!!!I'd like to win that sweet bear and wear it at Xmas ^^
    I follow this blog with google friends connect and my username is Ana Babydoll
    I like Ku-ki shop on facebook and my username is Ana Gutiérrez.
    My e-mail: greeneyes0991@gmail.com

    Good luck to everyone! ;)

  52. Your jewelry it's beautiful! I've seen a lot of charms around the internet and i think your are the best!! :D
    Love everything you do, it looks like you put a lot of effort in what you do n_n
    Hope to see some new christmas themed items on your shop, they would be great!
    Love from Argentina :3
    PS: Enter me in the giveaway please!
    I'm a fan on Facebook (i'm Cinthya Grañas Perry)
    And i'm a suscriber on Youtube (i'm cindyloser)

  53. SO CUTE! I wish I had bought some of these for my friends for christmas! Lots of birthdays coming up next year though!

    I follow on twitter (:
    Love from Liana, in New Zealand x


  54. Hi i would luv if u could plz enter me :D
    i love your art works they are soo! kawaii i hav wanted 1 for sooo long

    for christmas holidays it is my 18th birthday and i cant wait!
    i am also going down the coast for christmas with my family. <3

    i am a fan on facebook and flickr

  55. Please enter me this giveaway i adore you hand made work they all are cute great job.

    during the holidays i love spending time with family and cuddle up with some warm delicious mocha and vanilla cappuccino and enjoy opening up some wonderful christmas gifts .

    i am a fan on facebook and subscribe to youtube.


  56. OMG cute cute cute!!
    holiday?for me is shopping time,it feels good going out for an entire day to buy stuff to give to someone dear to us

    i follow you on facebook :http://www.facebook.com/SEKAIH
    and youtube :http://www.youtube.com/tinalli

  57. Giveaways are always exciting :D

    Here's my profile:

  58. Everything is so cute and would be really cute to give as a holiday gift. I follow you on youtube www.youtube.com/trading20

  59. Enter meee !! Your holiday well stuff in general is cuteeee
    I follow you on youtube: youtube.com/user/fashioncrazeXO
    And facebook: sulibel cruz lara
    and twitter @iamwild_

  60. Hey :)
    I love your jewelery and wish you a wonderful Christmas. This year I am going to spend the holidays with all of my family in Warsaw, Poland. I am very excited because I live in Munich, Germany and haven't been home for Christmas for 10 years!!
    And of course I would love to win this cute little bear!
    Klaudia (And yeah, of course I'm fan of yours on fb)

  61. I'm a fan @ facebook also! :P

  62. Stephanie5:13 da tarde

    :) that is one adorable teddy! I never have won anything but ;) the thing is to never give up.

    Holiday stuff huh? well I'm in college so next week is finals, and then it'll be winter break!

    :) I'm excited to go home and be with the person that I love the most and that loves me back. I bought him a gift that I cannot wait to see his face when he opens it up!

    my fb: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1782378694

  63. Ku-ki is such a creative name for a cute shop. I bought a box and bracelet and when i got i was screaming with joy because it was so cute.

    btw.. the CUTE miniature with bear shaped top, filled with delicious whipped cream and fresh fruit looks awesome.

    Email : melissalovesya@hotmail.com.au

    youtube melissalovesya01

  64. OMG!!! sooooo cute <3 is killed by cuteness!! X_X ;) <3

  65. Enter me please!


  66. Enter me!! Ku-ki shop has some awesome and kawaii acessories like cupcake filled w/whippe cream and everything...it makes me wanna eat them..(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

    Im a facebook fan too
    Heres my profile: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000220002912

  67. Enter Me Please!! <3
    It's soooo cute. It'd be the perfect christmas surprise for my sister. <3
    I follow on facebook: Holly "Latham" Marcelissen
    Email: my_chemical_romance_lover_890@hotmail.co.uk

  68. Oh! Sweet :)!
    I'm your facebook friend, http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/profile.php?id=1851707885. :3

  69. My best friend is coming from England to visit me, and we are making a big x-mas party and new year, and she is going back on the day of my b-day! :c but I love her <3 (I'm following your site for some years and it's soooooooooooo beautifull!)

    email: Xx-Daphne-xX@hotmail.com


  70. Entering!
    I'm so excited for Christmas because I get to go to California!! Whooop!
    Username on youtube: jacqueja96

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  72. KawaiiRilakkuma20112:21 da manhã

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  73. KawaiiRilakkuma20112:25 da manhã

    Please Enter Me^3^ I want to add, I don't have any polymer clay charmsTOT However, this might change if I win your giveaway^O^ I am not a sore loser (thankfully):D I also want to add, thank you so much for being so generous and having this kawaii giveaway^-^

  74. ADOOOORO este kolarzinho e gostava tanto de o ter para k me sentisse ainda mais feliz ;) Adoro as suas bijus, são mágikas e fazem-me sentir uma princesa!!! Este é o meu mail: sonik-minnie@hotmail.com e tb tenho facebook: Soninha Oliveira Bjks ***

  75. We wish you a Ku-ki Christmas
    we wish you a Ku-ki Christmas
    we wish you a Ku-ki Christmas
    and a Kawaii New Year
    A cute necklace for me
    and will show all my friends
    I wish for a sweet treat bear necklace
    and I will wear it with joy!
    I love your jewellery!!! Please enter me!

  76. tão fofinho! adoro :)

    sou fan no facebook

  77. hey! i really wanna win this kawaii necklace!!!! ^^ I followed you on Facebook :)

    facebook: Yu QiLoveRilakkuma

  78. my little sister loves your things!! as do i of course!! lol but i know she would just love this as a little christmas present..i don't live at home anymore and i know she misses me so this would be awesome!

    youtube- Ojousama411
    ps. i am now following you on youtube and facebook :)

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  80. hi i really hope i win, i love you guy's stuff. everything is just so cute! i asked my mom for a bunch of stuff on this website for my birthday which is tomorrow and i really hope she got it for me ^-^
    thank you for the giveaway opportunity
    i'm a follower on youtube and facebook
    and my email is zoe.tribley@gmail.com and facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1611707633

  81. Please enter me. Ive been looking at your work for almost 4 years. I also follow you on facebook. I love your creations and you have great talent and passion on what you do. <3
    My facebook name is Isabel Elite.

  82. I just got to know your site through out a friend. You really have cute things in it. ^^


  83. I love all your creations; it is so cute and amazing~ Merry Christmas!


  84. Hi! I'm your facebook follower!! (i don't have a twitter account or i will follow too!)


    Looking forward to more creations!

  85. Hi, I love this little bear;
    Enter me!

    I follow you on facebook:)
    here is my page: http://facebook.com/teamo.pato
    or Margaux Sanz.

    Have a nice day & a beautiful christmassss<3

  86. This little bear is so cute! It looks like the cookies my aunt is making during the holidays!

    I follow you on blogger!
    That's my profile: http://www.blogger.com/profile/01852285951576920976
    And that's my blog: http://princesse-emidala.blogspot.com/

  87. I am follower of Facebook ^o^
    that bear is sooo cute *o*

    facebook http://www.facebook.com/pupidipezza

  88. The bear is so cute! I follow you on facebook!


  89. I love so many of your pieces! It'd make my year to win.:)

    I follow you on Facebook.


  90. I love all the stuff you make <3 So cute :)
    Have a wonderful Christmas!! :D

  91. Quero entrar eu sigo no twitter! :)

  92. i would love to enter you inspire me to create great stuff i follow you on facebook
    my page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Belles-Kawaii-Shop/160505740681338
    Wish you a great Christmas and a happy New year!

  93. I LOVE KUKI SHOP ALL YOUR ITEMS ARE SUPER CUTE at one point you've inspired me to work on making things more ~*kawaii*~ (i'm not kidding!) I follow you on fb, btw. :) Whoever wins this giveaway is super luckyyy ;A;

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and New Year, as well!! ♥


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